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    Family Law


    ● Contested and Uncontested Divorce
    ● Divorce with Children
    ● Property Division
    ● Dividing Inheritance
    ● Alimony and Spousal Support
    ● Temporary Orders
    ● Domestic Violence
    ● Small Business Interests
    ● Mediation

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    Divorce and Legal Separation

    Oregon is a no-fault state, meaning that “irreconcilable differences”, or the inability to get along or settle problems, is the only requirement for divorce.

    The differences between a divorce and a legal separation are small but important: A legal separation is a court order that states who gets custody of any children, who pays support for those children, whether spousal support will be provided, and who gets what property. All of that happens during a divorce as well, but within a legal separation, both parties technically remain married and retain the right to inherit property from their respective spouses. This right is lost if you are divorced.

    What Happens in an Oregon Divorce proceeding?

    A divorce also called a “dissolution of marriage” is a way of legally ending a marriage.

    A divorce judgment will include decisions on:

    ● The date your marriage ends
    ● Child custody and support
    ● Who is responsible for joint debts
    ● Spousal support
    ● How property, including retirement benefits and the family home, are divided

    What Happens in an Oregon Divorce proceeding?

    Tensions can be high in any legal battle, and depending on your circumstances you stand to lose everything: Your home, your children and the financial and emotional stability you’ve built with your spouse. We understand that this is a stressful time for everyone involved, and are committed to defending your rights with compassion and common sense.

    Child Custody

    A child custody dispute can be one of the most stressful battles any of us will ever face. We’re here to help you maintain the relationships that matter to you and secure your rights as a parent.

    Spousal Support and Property Division

    Unlike child support, an award of spousal support is not based on a formula. Instead, it is based on what the court deems “just and equitable” based upon the evidence provided. Who represents you matters, especially in cases decided upon by subjective opinion.

    Modifications to an Existing Agreement

    It’s difficult to predict where life will lead us even in uneventful times. If your life situation no longer matches the agreements laid out in court, let us help you petition the court for a document that better reflects your current circumstances.

    Why Choose McMinnville Attorneys?

    ● A dedicated team that treats every case with the care and empathy it deserves
    ● Years of experience in family law at you and your children’s disposal
    ● One-on-one counsel every step of the way
    ● Serving McMinnville, Newberg, and the greater Yamhill County area

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